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Late Sun, Rockport, Maine, 6 x 6 in., oil

Painting Auction #68

Late Sun, Rockport, Maine, 5 x 7 in., oi

Late Sun, Rockport, Maine, 6x 6 in., oil

This little gem was painted in the downtown of the next town over from my house. There is not much of a commercial district there, but a couple of nice restaurants and galleries that are really worth a visit.



This work is unframed, but it  is mounted on a board with a slot in the back which allows you to display it without a frame.

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Ohio Shadows, oil, 6 x 6 in.

Painting auction #46

Ohio Shadows, oil, 6 x 6 in., Oil on board

Ohio Shadows, oil, 6 x 6 in., Oil on board

Currently at auction.Click here to take a look.

Here is a small study I did near Bowling Green, Ohio when I was out their earlier this year. The thin Shadows from a tree on the left added some excitement to the composition!


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