Postcard Painting Commissions

I  offer small commissions either 5 x 7 in. size or 6 x 6 in. size at $200 plus shipping. This can be almost any subject from a photo or object you send me. Pets are OK, but I can’t do portraits of people at that price or size. Please contact me with any questions.  Also take a look at my small painting blog to see some samples.

Larger Work

I craft commissioned paintings, murals,and decorative art. I even created a small  film set once. I have done many commissions independently and spent several years working with various companies creating artwork in a variety of styles, so I am adept and comfortable with just about anything.  Besides paintings, I enjoy creating decorations and  for your home or business and have worked on everything from a bathroom to a movie theater. Take a look around the website to see more samples.


To start the process I confer with you as to the spirit, feel and physical requirements of the projected artwork. A commission contract is drawn up outlining the details of the commission, and a 1/3 – 1/2 deposit is requested with scheduled or final payment(s) at completion.

Though the procedure for each commission varies, for a portrait I generally begin with a photography session and sketches from life.  It is also possible to work from existing photography. For a mural or other decorative art I make a design and samples. These are for client review and offer the opportunity to reaffirm consensus and direction. I then create the work. Of course I am willing to travel nationally (or internationally) to complete a commission.

Pricing and Satisfaction

I guarantee my work and never have had an unhappy client. For each commission prices vary according to size and content. I now oaintings start at $400 for a 8 x 10 portrait and an indoor wall size mural typically runs about $2000 – $5000 depending on complexity. Please contact me for a specific quote.

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